Are you a parent of a baby or toddler? 
Would you like to meet other parents and chat while the children play together?

Welcome at Mamacafé Ypenburg

the  new monthly meeting place for parents and their children (0-4 year).

Meeting, inspiration en playing

For (expecting) parents and their young children (0-4 years)

Every 3rd friday of a month from 9.30 – 11.30 hours

Buurthuis de Yp, Oeverwallaan 130, Ypenburg – de Bras

Mama Café is free

Come and join! We look forward to meet you.

about Mamacafé Ypenburg

It is fabulous to see how a little child grows up. Step by step. From baby to primairy school. But, these first years can be very intensive too. You face lots of questions. Practical ones as well as  questions about raising a child and about yourself as a parent.

“It takes a village to raise a child”
(an African saying)

People in Africa really understand it: raising a child is something you shouldn’t do on your own. It is so much better when you know other parents who are going through and experiencing the same things. When you can share experiences, laugh together and help each other with usefull tips.

And of course, for your kid, playing together is much more fun than playing alone.

For all those reasons a few mothers in Ypenburg took the initiative to start a mama café in our own neighbourhood. Not just for mums, but for all (expecting) parents ánd their children.
Like this idea? Come and join us!

Mamacafé Ypenburg is every 3rd friday of a month from 9.30 to 11.30 am in buurthuis De Yp,  Oeverwallaan 130 in Ypenburg (de Bras).